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When you put a cryptocorne in an easy planter, do you ever take the pot out of the planter to do anything?

Like maybe to put a root tab in?  Don't the roots get established so you wouldn't want to take it out of the planter?

How about moving the planter around the tank?  Should I ever be worried that it has established roots so don't do anything to it?  I'm wondering the best way to add root tabs and how much freedom do I have once its established in the easy planter?


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Short answer:

no I never take the pot out of the planter to root tab it personally, I use a set of long tweezers to get the root tabs where they need to go underneath the planter bc I like you worry about disturbing the roots of established plants, same reason I also never move them around after I place them. 

Long answer:

In my experience which is different from others I’m sure, I tend to set and forget with regards to crypts in easy planters. To elaborate further, I root tab them in the pot they came in prior to easy planting them, then I place them in the easy planters and allow roots to establish. I’ve always been worried about disturbing some of the slower growing plants like certain species of crypts but to answer your question I think it all depends on what type of aquarium set up you have them in. What I mean by this is the planter itself is very versatile, so most plants u could move around as u see fit, but I feel like when striving for optimal growth you would work around the set up. If your planting in sand or gravel, or even dirt etc, and you don’t mind the position of the planter/ plant, when u need to refresh things I would try to get a root tab underneath it without disturbing the plant with some long tweezers. If you need to move it around u could, it would just have to possibly reestablish. I’ve even seen people place mesh to seal off the bottom of the planter then use it almost as a pot. It’s a very versatile innovation and eighter way it goes given the right amount of light, nutrients, etc. you will be fine I’m sure. I hope this answers your question 

best of luck 🪴 

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