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I think my scarlet badis has gone caveman. Is this possible? I added him to a 20g long shrimp tank a few months ago. He was doing great. Colored up nice, came to see me at feeding time. Varied diet of blackworms, bbs, scuds and daphnia. Only fish in tank with 30 blue neo shrimp and some ramshorn snails. 2 weeks ago he went missing. I hoped for the best but figured the worst. 2 nights ago I saw a flash in the driftwood while I was watching shrimp. Then again last night. Kinda creepy. Flash and then nothing, gone. So I grabbed a flashlight and started searching. Low and behold, there's Kyle, the scarlet badis, living in a knothole in the driftwood. But when we make eye contact he looks wild. He's healthy, very colorful fins in great shape. But he looked.....crazy. like he'd moved to the woods and wanted nothing to do with the real tank world. Is this possible? Has Kyler gone rouge? Should I sleep with one eye open?

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I have not met Kyle, but I love him automatically. He might be a good friend for my one-armed platy, Kevin, who goes by Kev. Kev is the only hi fin platy in the tank and he only has one pectoral fin, but he has the determination to swim in a straight line and he does!

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