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Getting a pair of apisto MacMasteri


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You need to structure the tank so the female can hide from the male. Mac are not as aggressive as cockatoo or agassiz but they will still attack the female (to drive her out of his territory) when she is not ready to breed. A 20 long is good. plants are nice but don't provide very good hiding areas; you need long drift wood and leaf litter. Here is how i structured one of my tanks:



I have a bit of an advantage in that the species I have is both smaller and more passive than Macs; but still the idea is that the female could hide behind sponges or drift wood. In your case the female will be about 2 to 3 times larger than mine and your male will be more aggressive (though the level of f/m aggression is partly dependent on individual fishes). 

You can have dithers if you want but they should be fishes that hang near the top - pencil fishes or kubotai rasbora work well; you do not want bottom feeders like cory.

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