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Clown Kilis and Dwarf Water Lettuce?

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I got some clown Kilis and they're super cute and I love'em.

They're in a 20 with a new perfectly cut polycarbonate lid. I've read about what jumpers they are, and I'm not worried about them getting out, but the water lettuce has those big ol leaves.

Do you think the Kilis are likely to jump up, bounce off the lid, and then land on one of the leaves and get stuck there? Like, I'm sure anything COULD happen, but is it common? Is this setup less than ideal?

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No. I wouldn’t worry at all. Floating plants may in fact curb jumping. The one place inexperienced Killi keepers sometimes lose their fish to jumping is if they’ve got a HOB filter. The fish seem attracted to the inflow opening.

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On 6/15/2022 at 11:26 PM, Corbidorbidoodle said:

Excellent. And that makes sense.

This tank has a ACO sponge filter (powered by the ACO air pump). Just a tiny hole for the air hose and a hole for the heater cord.

Do you ever have trouble with them jumping while you're doing a water change or feeding them? Just curious! I'm interested in killis someday but I'm a little nervous about getting a perfect lid. Care to talk about your process? Thanks!

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I've only had them for a few days. I've been a little worried about taking the lid off at all. But ya gotta feed them and maintain the tank, so what're you gonna do? I would imagine they're busy hiding while I've got my hands in there anyway.

But for the lid. I bought a sheet of polycarbonate greenhouse paneling and I've been cutting lids from that. I get all my tanks second hand, so they often don't have lids.

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