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seachem safe

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Not random at all! Thats exactly what's its for. My understanding (and I use a lot of Seachem products) is its essentially the same thing as Prime. But... its way more concentrated as a dry form technically it might be hard to use in small amounts.

So mixing up a gallon at a time and using it as a liquid might be hard to measure that small amount of dry Safe. But if you're dechlorinating 300g gallons at a time its easy.  

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I actually had to call seachem. I switched from prime to safe and began having issues with shrimp and snails. My tap water contains a decent amount of copper and Seachem said safe is not the dry form of prime. It does not detox heavy metal and they said prime does a few other things for fish that safe does not though I cannot remember what.  Seachem tech support hotline is very good. I have called them on numerous occasions over the years. The number is on their website and they answer right away. I would call directly to ask. 

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On 6/15/2022 at 11:35 AM, pictish_samurai said:

random Question since safe is the dry form of prime can you make safe into a liquid de chlorinator 

One of Cory's fishroom blog videos he takes a spray bottle and shows you how to calculate out what you want based on spray size and to dilute the liquid the right way. (add X amount of water and then Y amount of safe per bottle) and then one spray is 5-10 gallons.  I wish I could find it, but it's there! Somewhere. Absolutely possible and a great way to use the product.

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