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Utilitarian Tub Plants

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I ran three outdoor tubs this summer, with Walstad-style substrate layers. I planted a variety of stuff to make them look attractive and run like my organic soil indoor aquariums.

When I broke them down, I transplanted everything into a new tank except for the substrate. Rather than let them sit outside inactive, I set them up on a rack in the basement, and will use them for low-effort breeding until spring, probably shrimp, since I can only visit them once a week 

Now I am picking plants again, but with different goals. I want to keep my soil active, and I want to be able to catch things without too much hassle. I am trying to focus on narrow-leaf plants that don’t grow too tall, and may propagate with runners.

My cart currently has:

Dwarf Sagittaria

Cryptocoryne Wendtii Green

Cryptocoryne Lucens

Cryptocoryne Parva

I already keep and love all of these plants, and I will also have Salvinia Minima. I may get some Guppy Grass from a friend, but I have not used it before, and I mostly see it in tubs with no bottom plants.

I would appreciate any comments on these plants and others for this purpose.



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I wonder if your evaporation is gonna be crazy being indoors with the spray bars going like that.  If you keep buying those fluval nano lights, at some point you might have more than I have in stock at the warehouse 😛

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MF10s deactivated, sponge filters activated, Guppy Grass idea saved for later. Thanks.

I added Salvinia from the 20H, which apparently grows even faster than Duckweed once it meets a Fluval light. I  also added medium sponge filters. I caught a healthy White Cloud in one of the tubs that hadn't had external feeding since the tubs were moved inside two weeks ago. +1 ecosystems.


I would still be interested in any opinions about the substrate plants that I am thinking about, in terms of coverage, and being easy to deal with catching shrimp and fish. I feel like Dwarf Sagittaria might be best.

One thing I have learned from this setup is to move all my rocks to the front, so that I can pull a tub out a few inches, and pour onto the rocks to add water.

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