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Discus- Not eating/ No apparent problems

Willie T

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Hello Everyone:


ammonia : 0

nitrites : 0

nitrates: 5ppm

So recently I posted about discus tank having excessive slime coat / dark, 5 out of the 7 made it and are doing well with the exception of one 5” blue diamond, from all apparent looks there is nothing wrong, no white poop, no external injuries etc.. she twitch’s her fins occasionally and kind of hangs out alone, not hiding or in the corner and also not eating much. Treated the tank with Prazi for gill flukes, thought maybe mating , all others are acting great, this one is puzzling, want to get her back eating and thriving again. 


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I try adding some garlic guard to their food to help stimulate their appetite and  if it's still not eating the food with garlic guard then I would consider doing a course of levamisole dosing once a week for 3 weeks 

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On 6/16/2022 at 11:17 PM, Willie T said:

So I am waiting on the Wormer X to come should be here tomorrow, says dose once then after 48 hours do a water change then do it again in 2 weeks, does that sound right? 

Am not familiar with that medication with Fritz Expel p it recommends treating once a week for 24hr then a water change and repeat once a week for 3 weeks I would treat following instructions on the packet as it could have different amount of the active ingredient that why it recommends treating every two weeks 

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