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Hello all, I got this juvenile angel 3 weeks ago from my local fish store. Starting about a week ago, I noticed that his/her poops were coming out long and stringy and staying connected for a long time. The poop is typically pale red-ish or brown-ish in color. I've read mixed diagnoses online ranging from parasite infection to constipation, but would love a second opinion (I am relatively new to the hobby).

Other than the weird poop he/her has been acting normal and eating well. I do small feedings twice a day with Hikari micro pellets and Fluval bug bites (algae wafers for the bristlenose), and the occasional frozen bloodworm snack. I don't see any other visible signs of stress (sometimes his/her stripes fade when the light turns on/off or every once in a while throughout the day, but they're never gone for very long), all other fish are active and healthy. Water parameters have been consistent since I got him/her.

Water parameters: Temp 79F | PH 7.5 | CL 0 | KH 50ppm | Ammonia 0 | Nitrite 0 | Nitrate 10 | GH 200-300 (I have very hard tap water)

Tank: Top Fin 55 gallon | Tank Age 72 days | Filter Fluval 307 

Stock: 9 Rummynose Tetra | 1 Scalare Angelfish | 1 Bristlenose Pleco

Pictures attached. Unfortunately he/she is not the most photogenic, so I circled the stringy poop in photo 1 to make it easier to see lol. Any advice/tips are welcome, thank you for your help!



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Hi @The Shark Tank, welcome to the forum! Does the poop look like a string of sausages to you? If so I think it's fine- the red and brown there- that sounds like the colors of the food you're feeding them (red = bloodworms brown = most everything else out there). You could always treat with Paracleanse as a precautionary treament as the Aquarium Coop does with their med trio- but it appears IMO not to be an issue. I do not keep Angelfish but I have lots of fish and poop sometimes looks like this. I'd keep an eye out for other physical or behavioral signs of illness just to be safe- but that looks like a beautiful and healthy fish to me. 

Sometimes it's just a case of poop stickin' to our rears. Happens to the best of us. 

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