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Live baby brine required for Breeding multies?


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I purchased 6 multifasciotus (shellies) about 5 months ago. I see 2 smaller (females?) and 3 larger ones regularly. There might still be 6, since they are shy and quick to dart into the shells.  PH is 8.0. I would like to start a colony. Can I get them to breed with frozen and prepared foods? Or must I hatch out baby brine?  I’ve never done this and am dragging my feet. 

It’s a 20 long and I don’t turn the light on much to keep the algae down. 


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Baby brine can help, but not needed. I have bred hundred of multis using primarily crushed up flake food (Xtreme Krill Flakes). The trick is to make sure that you have enough food in there for the babies that you may not be able to see. 

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