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29 Gallon Stocking


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I have 12 Harlequin Rasboras, 1 Bolivian Ram, and 3 Nerite snails right now. I am looking to get one more species and that will be it. I was wanting Panda Corys but I have a preset heater set to 78 degrees and Im not going to replace it. From what I have read that is too hot for them. So I don't know what to finish the stocking with. Should I get a Bristlenose Pleco, Different type Cory's, or maybe Shrimp?

Just looking for Ideas Thank You!

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This is by far the best site for cory info. The first link lists pandas up to 77. They might be ok at 78 tbh. The 2nd link is all catfish that include 78 in their recommended. This is for all catfish so there are lots in there that are hard to find or unusual. 

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