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help me choose food.


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2 minutes ago, Sleepy said:

Krill flakes but I HIGHLY suggest getting dedicated food for the bottom dwellers

so you say krill flakes

i know cory is a fan of xtreme


Krill as Main Ingredient Color Enhancing Crunchy Flakes Normally flake foods are considered a "budget" food. Xtreme's Krill Flake is the opposite. It is made with quality ingredients such as krill as the first main ingredient...

so that? Whats your suggestion for the bottom dwellers?


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Definitely Krill Flakes.  All of my aquariums go nuts over that stuff.  Also, think about feeding a variety of food on different days.  My fish eat something different each day of the week and I think that they have really good color.  This thread might help you to see what some other people are feeding.

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