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Determine Nitrate PPM from Easy Green

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I've heard Corey say we should keep 20ppm of nitrates in our water that comes from Easy Green. How do we determine what part of our nitrates are from Easy Green vs food and fish poop?  For example, my nitrates are currently about 30ppm and I dosed Easy Green a week ago, but I don't see how would I know if 20 of the 30 are from Easy Green, or is 20 of the 30 from food and fish poop or is all 30 from Easy Green because my fish are shy and won't poop in public 🤣.


Just wondering how to determine how much Easy Green to add.  I have mostly root feeding plants, (Sword, Crypts, Vallisneria) with a few moss balls.

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I don't think Cory mentioned that 20ppm of Nitrates should come from easy green, but maybe I missed that. Bulk of your Nitrates will come from your livestock assuming a typical amount of fish in an aquarium. In fact, I'm pretty sure Easy Green, dosed appropriately at 1ml per 10 gallons, adds about 3ppm NO3. So if you're dosing once or twice a week, you probably won't even be able to see the difference on a nitrate liquid test unless your tank has super low bioload in the first place.

With your plant selection, you'd likely be better off loading up on easy root tabs.

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5 minutes ago, twodaend said:

Here is where I got the 20 ppm nitrate from Easy Green.


Ah, definitely missed that video, thank you for clarifying. Makes sense now that I hear it -- achieving that nitrate level from an all-in-one means you're chock full of the other nutrients too.  I have always followed the dosing instructions on the bottle for most of my tanks, somewhere between twice and three times a week, depending on bioload (you can get a lot of macros from fish food and poop already).

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