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Is Easy Green going to be available in 1L size again?

Connor C

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Title really says it all. I know there used to be a 1L size of Easy Green available on the store but there isn't one there now. I have the first bottle I bought a couple years back and another bottle I got as part of the fert bundle they did a year back so I already have a pump for my display tank and my fish room. I am finally running low on bottle #1 and I'd rather refill the pump bottles I have than buy more pumps when I already have a few.

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Posting response for anyone else who stumbles on the thread:



Hello Connor,
Unfortunately, we no longer offer the one liter container of Easy Green. Once we brought back the 500 ml bottle, it became cheaper to purchase two 500 ml bottles, than what we could offer the One liter refill. It's cheaper to ship the two smaller bottles, less plastic, and less risk of damage to the smaller bottles from USPS, as the one liter seemed to get damaged more often in shipping.
Thank you,


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