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Pygmy Corydora - is it ich?


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Reasonably new to the hobby - well cycled planted 9 gal tank is about 3 mos old.

Temp 78.8

Nitrate/Nitrite/CL = not detected

ph ~7

(I need an ammonia test kit...)

Pygmy corys have been in the tank for a couple of months, and maybe I just never noticed but one (on the wood, on the right) seems to have white coloring the others do not. I haven't seen Ich before, so not sure if I should be concerned. I also don't have a QT so if I need to treat, can I safely treat the community (sunset honey gourami, emerald-eye rasboras, dwarf snowball pleco, nerite snail) and what is the best approach? How's that for a compound question? Thanks for any guidance! 



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It is very hard to tell from your photos, but it doesn't appear to be ich. Ich will look like granulated sugar or salt sprinkled on the fish. If it is ich, you most certainly can treat the tank with all of the inhabitants. I would recommend using Ich-X (assuming that you live in the U.S. or a country that allows for meds). 

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Thank you! It is definitely a challenge to get decent pics - half the time my corys think they're rasboras, and are schooling mid-column with them. I will keep an eye on that little guy and watch for any changes. Maybe he's just sparkly and I didn't notice  😊

Appreciate the advice! I'm in the US, so have access to the product you mentioned.

Have a great day!

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If you haven't added any fish in the last two months since the cories went in, it's not ich. I'm not sure what your timeline for adding in the fish is, but any longer than a week or two at about 78 degrees fahrenheit would make an ich infection obvious. So long as you've had the fish in this tank for more than 2 or 3 weeks, it's not possible that they have developed ich spontaneously.

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I would try to record a video if you can. I don't think anyone can make an accurate review based on the lighting/focus.  You would likely see it on fin rays at first.

On 6/8/2022 at 1:26 PM, Sharilowe said:

I haven't seen Ich before



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