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Crayfish with eggs.

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One of our crayfish dug out a nice cave under a slate stone about 2 months ago and I think I know why. She has at least 10 eggs under her tail.

Sorry for the low quality pictures.


Here she is digging out some more.


You can see a few eggs from this side.


She's going back in to hide for now.

I'm not sure what to do about the babies once they hatch, they are in a 10 gallon and that's too small for all of them to grow in and I'm sure the adults will eat them. I may setup a tub in the basement for them to grow in.

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It's been almost a month and I'm not sure what happened but we haven't seen any babies yet and she hasn't been carrying the eggs for a while. There are plenty of hiding spots so I'm hoping they are in there somewhere, but it doesn't seem likely. 

I am setting up my 29 gallon tall as a paludarium for them. It has a larger footprint and I plan to incorporate different levels in the underwater area so they'll have more room to get away from each other.

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I am not sure what happened with this tank but I have lost the last crayfish. My only guesses are the temperature was too high or the pH too low. She was carrying eggs (for the second time at the end of October) and I was able to get a few pictures but unfortunately none hatched. I had her and one other crayfish left, it died while she was holding the eggs.




The plants were/are doing great, but it did have a strong (but not foul) odor. The nitrates were zero and pH was stable at 6.2, the TDS was stable at around 280ppm with 180ppm being our tapwater hardness. I was feeding them Hikari crab cuisine, micro pellets, and Tetra flakes and they were feeding well until they died. She died a few days ago.

As I drained the tank I saw a lot of those tiny white creatures that quickly go around the tank. This is the only tank I've seen them in.

With just the crayfish the tank needed more attention than I was able (or know how) to give. The biodiversity of my other tanks is better at keeping things in check, I think.

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I’ve had CPO’s for a while. I started with 5, they bred and spawned the next generation, and have since passed on. The new generation has since bred again. The babies are super tiny, super tiny. Like shrimplets. To me, they look exactly like orange baby shrimp until you can actually see their tiny little claws. 

Mine get fed bloodworms daily, and then every other day I feed Xtreme shrimpee or Shrimp Cuisine in addition to the bloodworms as they live with shrimp and snails. 

I guess I’ve never looked it up, but my CPO’s haven’t lived a super long time. The original 5 bred the next generation, that generation is making the next, and I have had a couple losses from the first generation that was born in my water. 

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I didn't put any snails in with them, I was afraid they'd attack them. 

I said that I'd given them crab cuisine, but I was mistaken, they wouldn't touch the crab cuisine (but my snails love it) I was giving them the shrimp cuisine. They did get baby brine shrimp a few times too, but I haven't had any luck with my last few batches.

I got them at the beginning of February and they were fully grown, so the last 2 were probably around a year old.

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@R Budds I thought mine might annihilate the snails and the shrimp, but they’ve all been pretty good with each other. The shrimp aren’t getting to the numbers as quickly as when it was a shrimp only tank, but that’s alright. I was over the Cherries and wanted to try the CPO’s. None of the 3 populations explode and it’s a fun tank. 

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