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Corydora Bioload

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It kind of depends on how much you feed them.  Some people treat them as a "cleaner fish" because they will eat whatever falls to the bottom.  In my view corys can be very easy to target feed because they tend to be active after the lights go out and they usually prefer to have food on the bottom of the tank.  Other species will often come down and peck at the food, which makes it "difficult" when the corys are shy. 

Bioload wise, it's all about if you're running a species only, or if you have a community setup.  I would think it's easier to tame the bioload if they are by themselves because of the reason explained.  I don't think corys have a "big bioload" compared to other species or anything.  It is a 3" fish, so keep that in mind, they do have the ability to eat a lot if you feed them such.

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