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Everyone else is doing this so i may as well try. (Sorry if this doesn't sound fit the criteria, a Journal is rather vague)

How i got into fish keeping: The first fish i kept was a betta, i hadnt done much research and i had my betta in a 2 gallon tank, with a heater, doing weekly water changes. That betta lasted 3 months because Torpedo squeazed in between the heater and the suction cup and died, :C

Than i decided to do my HW and try to set up a new tank. So i have a 20gal high.

I started with 4 glowlight tetras. THey either died from NTS or i bought sick fish (Or both). Basically, than i got some of that Bacteria in a Bottle stuff and that worked. SO i got platies. 3 days later tottally unexpected, one of my platies gave birth. so than i had 4 platies. Than i got more platies, and had a issue with platy male agression. Around this time i was also setting up a ten gallon betta tank. So because i had agression issues with my platy males, i moved one of them to the betta tank. But than i had issues with my other platy male. SO currently i have one platy male in a 2gal and one in a 10gal with a beta. (I ended up with a lot of batches of fry along this timeline). So yah, if i do anything else interesting with my tank ill say it here.

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Welcome to journaling, it’s addictive. Your story so your family friendly criteria. Whether it’s your journey in researching for your first tank or you are breeding exotic, rare or endangered critters.  Some folks stick to reading only what they are interested in keeping.  Myself I like journeys into things different than what I would keep so I can live vicariously through others. I also enjoy journals on similar critters to see how theirs differ from mine. In other words I am nosey and love snooping everyone’s journey 😁

Thank you for sharing your journey. 🤗

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