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Heat lamps instead of heaters?


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We all agree that low-end heaters are pretty horrible. I'm wondering if anyone out there uses heat lamps to warm the water top-down like the sun warms a pond or stream. Or even a pendant light or sconce with an incandescent bulb that gives off some heat. Like the picture below I found doing a google search, but intentionally using a bulb that gives off heat. Anyone tried this?

Top dwellers like bettas would get the warmth they need during the day, with some variation at night when the light is off. Wouldn't have to worry about accidentally cooking your fish or electrocuting them as with a regular cheapo heater. I'm thinking of scenarios with smaller tanks around the house (without the luxury of a fish room where you could just heat the entire space) and you'd rather not invest in a high end heater.


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I had looked into this to use with the 1930s Historically Accurate Planted Aquarium as this was mentioned as a heater source.


  • It works, it raises the temperature a few degrees
  • You can tell when it is or isn't working


  • Hard to dial in the temperature you want
  • Looks funny

Ultimately for the 1930s aquarium I decided to bump the household temperature up a couple of degrees.


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