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Hi guys!

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Hi everybody! I'm new to forum, found it through Aquarium Coop's Youtube Channel. I've got a bunch of nano tanks, mostly with different neocaridina shrimp. I hope to eventually breed some smaller fish in these tanks as well. Right now, I've got a 20 long planted tank, a 5.5 gallon planted tank, a 3.5 gallon tank, a 9 ish gallon tank where I store some plant trimmings from my 20 g and a 10 gallon that I'm setting up this weekend. Definitely don't have MTS, lol. 

My dad also has two tanks, a 30g quarantine and a 60g rimless biotope. We recently got some new fish, 12 N. beckfordi and 8 sterbais, so they're in quarantine right now. They're going to go in the 60g in a few weeks. We also have two marbled headstanders, 2 other N. beckfordi and 9 H. bleheri. I'll post some pics of the tanks later. 

I hope that this forum helps with some of my questions and is a place where I can talk to other very enthusiastic aquarists!

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Welcome to the forum!!!

You'll start noticing a lot of the same folx from the YouTube channel in here, and vice versa. Little jokes like Patient Spouse™ will show up in both places, and you'll start to figure which YouTube name matches which person in here.

I have found the forum to be incredibly supportive and helpful, and a delightful escape from *waves hands*

Look forward to seeing your tanks!!!

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