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Expired Meds - What to do?


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I have 2 bottles of Ich-X which are "expired" based on the date on them.  I had both of the API big tubs as well that had some left, but I opted to replace.  For whatever reason I had read that Ich-X doesn't expire.  Same thing with Methylene blue and a few others.

Is there someone here with better knowledge than me that can put me at ease or provide some guidance on how to dispose of meds if they are indeed expired?

For Ich-X this is what I found:


5. If you see green crystals under the seal of the container when opening it, then you should no longer dose the product as it is an indication that the solution has been frozen.

6. If you see clumps when pouring trying to dose the solution, then it is also an indication that the solution has been frozen and should not be used to treat your fish.

For the API meds from the Trio I read that they will work, but just likely will be "less effective". 

I also have Prazipro and Cupramine which are very likely going to both be past due on the date on the bottle.

For Prazipro:


Aquarium Solutions® Liquid PraziPro® is stable indefinitely if kept well closed when not in use. A nominal 2.5-year expiration dating, from the date of manufacture, is used on the product.

For Cupramine:


A: Cupramine, like the rest of our line, is designed to have an indefinite shelf life (relatively speaking). The only way this product may not function properly is if something was purposely added to the bottle to contaminate the product or precipitate the ingredients out of solution.


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On 6/7/2022 at 12:50 AM, Cory said:

I personally have had success with expired meds on fish. However this isn't an official statement and more of an observation on my part.

Honestly, it makes sense. Storage being critical of course. My biggest question is if I want to dispose of them, what's the right way?  If I want to use them, do I dose normal, add 10% due to the loss in effectivity, etc?  Worst case, maybe it's something to ask when there is a veterinarian on one of the member talks.

I appreciate the companies that do have statements / FAQs on their website to answer questions like this.

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Expiration dates are more suggestions than drop dead dates. By and large you can continue to use it well after it "expires." It's not like the meds know what date it is. If it was good yesterday and the expiration date is today, it won't know it's no longer good. When it comes to disposing of aquarium meds, a lot depends on your situation. If you've got a well and septic, you probably don't want to pour it down your drain. If you're on a public septic system that drains into a river/bay, the meds are fish safe (since you use them on your fish) so pouring it down the drain there shouldn't hurt anything. It'll get vastly diluted and shouldn't be an issue. What's the worst that can happen? A sick fish happens to be near the sewage outlet and gets better? People pour much, much worse stuff into public sewers. 

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On 6/7/2022 at 3:15 AM, nabokovfan87 said:

 My biggest question is if I want to dispose of them, what's the right way?

See if anyone in your area has a drop off location for expired prescription medications. Our local police department has a drop box at the police station. They also host events a few times a year where people can drop off medications. Meds are then disposed of properly.  

Maybe contact your city hall? They might be able to point you in the right direction.

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Someone asked this question a couple weeks ago.   

this was my answer.


I had that question with some other medications a couple years ago.  
I emailed the manufacturer, their response was although they have 4-8 months figured in past that date - taking into purchase date and up to the date of use.  But everything depends on how the product is stored.   They also suggested as time goes on it just become less effective.  Should not do any harm.    
I don’t believe salt has an expiration date

Good Luck 

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