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White growth?

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Hey everyone, I wasn't sure exactly where to post this, but since it's something growing, I decided to post it here. 

I have a 10-gallon cycled tank with 2 nerites and just added some pygmy cories. 

Temp - 76 F, nitrate - 10ppm, nitrite - 0, GH - 300 (it's a very light purple with AC test strips, so idk if I'm reading it 100% accurate since the bottle's indicator is a darker purple), KH - 40, pH - 6.8

This white stuff appeared in my tank after I added a banquet block for my nerite snails. It is localized in that one spot between the moss balls where I had the banquet block. I hadn't had fish in a while, so my tank currently has an abundant population of seed shrimp and detritus worms. I can't tell if this white stuff is baby worms (it doesn't seem to be moving as far as I can tell, but it's tiny tiny, so it's hard to see) or some kind of fungus or parasite. Most of it is in tiny starlike clusters that look like little hairs sticking up from the surface they're attached to. 

Any help in figuring out what this is is appreciated. Thanks.



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On 6/6/2022 at 4:27 PM, Zenzo said:

To me it looks like a grouping of small detritus worms. Another possibility is a fungus. Neither should be anything to worry about. 

That's a huge relief. Thanks. I'll still monitor it for now to make sure it doesn't end up being something else, but at least I won't be anxious about it anymore.

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