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HOB: Tidal series


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I made a thread to break down basically everything step by step as I fix things.  I have used every model of tidal for a while and done a lot of these same "fixes" on all of them in order to get them to work a bit better.   Please feel free to ask me any questions you may have specifically.

Despite the issues, they are still the best HoB for me on the market.  A lot of other people have moved to using the Fluval X07 series canisters for larger tanks as well.

On 6/6/2022 at 6:18 PM, AndEEss said:

Stuffed full of Poret 20ppi with a piece of window screen material over the surface skimmer.

What did you use to adhere it?

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Nothing. I just cut each layer  to the same shape as the stock foam, but expanding in size for each subsequent layer going upwards. The tray gets bigger towards the top, and I believe my top-most layer is 1/2” longer (long dimension) and 1/4” deeper (front to back) than the tray. This allows it to be pushed into place and stay there. 

I have 6” of foam in one and 4” + K1 media in the other. I have a heavily planted 75g with a good number of fish; 25 corydoras, 4 yoyos, 8 Colombian tetras and 6 Otocinclus. Never had a trace of ammonia after my initial cycle. 


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