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Issues during quarantine treatment

Carolyn Krauss

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I am having some issues with my fish during the quarantine treatment and am hoping you can offer some advice. I have been watching several of the aquarium co-op videos on YouTube and was learning about this quarantine trio treatment. I have had a stable aquarium for about 2 years and had never treated my fish before, so at Cory's suggestion in the treatment video I decided to go ahead and preventatively treat them in case there were any health issues I was unable to see. Previously I had only had occasional fish die most likely from old age, but I have never noticed any visible health issues with any of my fish. I have guppies, otocinclus catfish, and a few varieties of snails in my tank which is very heavily planted and always has an air stone running to add extra oxygen.
I treated my 30 gallon tank exactly as directed in the videos, starting last Wednesday. I rewatched the videos several times to be sure that I had written the directions Cory gave down correctly, since he said we should not follow the directions on the medicines but use his method instead. I fed the fish, did a 30-40% water change, then treated with 3 packets of paracleanse, 3 packets of maracyn, and 3 tsp of Ich-x, and then fed lightly on day 3 as directed in the videos.
Today when I came home from work I found that over half of my guppies had died while I was at work. They were all fine and looked healthy this morning when I left for work. All of my oto's look healthy, all of the snails and plants look healthy, the guppy fry look healthy, my temperature and water parameters are all normal. The guppies that are still alive all appear to have fin rot on their tails, which did not seem to be noticable this morning. I have never had an issue with fin rot before. I went ahead and did a 30% water change after removing the dead guppies. 
Do you have any idea what may have caused this? 
Should I go ahead and treat for fin rot again or should I wait since it has still not been a full week yet since the start of this quarantine treatment?
The videos I used for directions were:
https://youtu.be/LiPsTVtW77I 'sick fish? I use these 3 meds on all fish'
https://youtu.be/LrRhfOYfXns 'the best way to ensure your fish are healthy'
https://youtu.be/wICf_0o6ys4 'how to treat fin rot the easy way' 
Any help you are able to offer would be greatly appreciated. 
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