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Shrimp tank?

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Hello guys, can I have some opinion? Could I add up my shrimp to this container with moss and some most tiny dust or waste? (I don't know how to call it) and have coral stone + mineral + larva stone? I hope anyone who has experience for shrimp can help me. Thankyou 💕DSC_0634.JPG.97268c5aef15b080b0076b41db0c2c27.JPGDSC_0635.JPG.423af359bf72bf69c7147e2fee374f87.JPGDSC_0637.JPG.5316ff1e7a8fbc6ca7b2defda86868fa.JPGDSC_0636.JPG.f0164a97304fd42ed21dd190215c5c21.JPG


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I'm no expert and new to shrimp myself, I just got blue dreams, but just to help with the decision this is what I have learned about shrimp. They do require stable parameters and are very sensitive to dramatic changes. They also thrive best on micro organisms. For both these reasons, they do best in a seasoned space. I don't know enough to tell you if this is a good space for that or not. 

As @nabokovfan87brought up, GH, KH and PH are also of concern with shrimp. They do best in the lower ranges and high can actually kill them due to a failed molt. That said, I do know some people successfully have kept them in higher ranges. Again, I don't know enough to confidently say either way but just so you know this is something to consider and look for more info. 

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