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Wave maker apistogramma question

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Hey guys I have a question for yah I have a fluval flex 32 gallon it has a pair of apistogramma baeschi and 12 cardinal tetras, I wanted to add more flow, was getting plant scum on the top of the water I added this wave maker below. I know they don’t like flow the apistogramma , I turned it alll the way down and pointed it upwards for surface agitation. They seem fine is it ok? 


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On 6/4/2022 at 10:21 PM, Fish Folk said:

Probably Ok. I'd suggest just adding an ayirstone on a rigid airline down the back instead to break up the surface with mild agitation, and bring in O2 to the tank.

I’ll second that. 

The wave maker runs $70.  An air stone should provide plenty of surface agitation for considerably less money.  

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