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Bar aquarium assistance please


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On 9/9/2022 at 4:03 PM, Woogie23 said:

I'll try and get a video and better pics loaded. This is like the 3rd time I've tried to update everyone but I didn't like the pictures I took. So here's all I got at the moment 😆 Oh ya, I'm probably going to pull the HoB and put another sponge filter in. Thoughts?

They might actually enjoy the flow.  Overall, I'd run 3-4 airlines into this tank for the short term, eventually get it down to 2-3 for your "final setup".

They are going from what looked like hard to soft water, other issues aside, all of the stuff these fish have been through.... 2 sponges, 1-2 airstones is what I would run for a little bit. 


Video is really cool.  They definitely love to peck and dig in the gravel!

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They have a lot more energy. Well done you. I hope relationships are still good at the bar.

Now you can relax and enjoy them. I'd be tempted to risk plants with them (start with one see how it goes).

How is the tank behaving did you have a lot of trouble getting the cycle ? 

It all looks great. 

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Sorry for the lack of updates. They are doing wonderful! Very active and look good. I just need to add some more fish to the tank. Plus since 2 died before I rescued them from the bar I'm thinking of trying to find two more. Not sure on that though.





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Awww!  They look fantastic!  Good job!

Adding a few more would probably be OK if you can either:  1. Add a couple that are nearly the same size.  Or:  2. Add a decent sized group (trio or more) that are at least too big to be eaten, so at least double or more what you think might fit into the biggest mouth.

I had lost one of my dollars (under mysterious, but loud and splashy circumstances - Jack Dempseys are jerks but I could find no actual evidence traces) so I added a trio of the only dollars I could find.  I had to wait until they wouldn’t fit the biggest mouth so they were in a grow out tank for a couple months - long quarantine.  😝  They are still notably smaller, of course, but they’re doing fine.  Nobody has gone missing.

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