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Best pellet food for a betta who won't eat anything else?

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I am looking for recommendations on the best betta pellet food. Xtreme? Hikari? Fluval Bug Bites?

I actually have 2 female bettas, one in a 75 gal community tank and the other in a 10 gal with snails. The betta in the community tank eats whatever the community gets (flakes, frozen, etc.) and does well, but the other betta is a very picky eater. She won't eat any of the normal tasty fishy foods like brine shrimp or blood worms. She will only eat betta pellets, and only if I crush them up into very fine pieces. I think this may be due to a bit of a mouth deformity that remained after an infection she had when I first got her months ago. Since there isn't much variety in her diet, I want to make sure she's getting the most nutritious food possible. I also fast her one day a week to hopefully prevent constipation since the food is so dry. 

Thanks in advance!

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I feed my betta a variety of food.

I've found his favorite have been...

My last betta also seemed to have those three as his favorites. I also feed the New Life Spectrum betta pellets, and the NorthFin Betta Pellets

The newlife spectrum pellets are a little big so i find that my betta always has a little trouble chewing them, but none the less he seems to enjoy them.


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I feed mine Vibra Bites, Bug Bites, Hikari Bloodworms and Hikari Daphina. The daphnia is pretty small and it's often used for constipation and the vibra bites look like little sticks. You can break them up easy to make it smaller.

If your betta has a hard time eating, you can always pre-soak pellet food in water for a little bit before they eat it. That way there's some moisture, lowering the chance of constipation. 

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