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TacoPlayz Aquarium Journal

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Hello everybody I hope you are having a good day today I decided to start my very own aquarium journal. I have been keeping fish now since 2015, and I have been a part of this Forum since December 6, 2020. My first tank I ever had was 3 GloFish and one White Cloud Mountain Minnow. It was a three gallon tank and I regret pretty much every thing about it other than getting my longest living fish which I have to this day in a 29 gallon. Before that I had always wanted a bigger tank but since I had so little success I was kind of frightened to start again but I did anyway. Around Christmas of 2018 I noticed the deals were super good at PetSmart so I got a 10 gallon TopFin starter kit and set it up without Cycling or adding any old filters to let it sit. I'm pretty sure everyone knows what happens next. TOTAL FAIL. All my 5 mollies died in the matter of hours and I wondered why. So I googled it and I found Cory and his wonderful video on how to cycle tanks in which he used the M&M's and it made it very simple and easy to understand. Then I decided to get 3 Mollies and 2 guppies and try to start it up again and I had success and even got my first guppy fry. Now I know this is a long read and thanks for staying with me but now we get to the fun part showing off my tanks. 

My tanks consist of...

55 gallon (Inherited tank)- So my 55 gallon aquarium is very old it used to be in a doctors office and then the family decided to hand the tank over to us because they knew that we loved fish. 

Current stocking- 1 Syndontis Catfish, 5 Mollies, 4 Longfin angelfish, and 6 Albino neon tetras. (Still looking for more fish to add to the 55 if you guys have any ideas just tell me)

29 gallon- 4 Glofish and 6 Black Skirt Tetras (Someone gave the Glofish to me because they were getting rid of their tanks) 3 Golden Panchax killifish (Currently breeding them, last spawn only had two fry survive ☹️) 1 Bristlenose Pleco

10 gallon Killi fry tank- 2 Killifish fry with 6 Pygmy Cories (Initially had 4 but they made 2 more and I found them while cleaning out the sponge filter. 

10 gallon muppy tank- A bunch of random guppies in a tank that I occasionally pull and sell to my LFS.

3 Gallon- 2 male Endler tank (Originally I had three endlers but one jumped out of the little hole in the lid)

5.5 gallon- Baby Axolotyl tank (Got it at a reptile convention for 40 dollars, will be gradually upgrading tank sizes the bigger he grows)

5.5 gallon- guppy/endler fry tank

5 gallon planted tank- With 5 Golden White Cloud Minnows also with 5 Cherry Shrimp

5 Gallon classroom Betta tank

5.5 gallon classroom Betta tank

3 Spare 10 gallons that I am waiting to find something to do with.

I am also building my first fish room so I will be posting loads of photos from there so make sure to follow the thread and I'll take some photos in a bit of all the tanks I have set up right now and post them on here too. Have a wonderful day!


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Epic!  😍 I love that you didn't give up, even though you had setbacks. I think we all had setbacks in the hobby. I remember my first one. I was young and had a tank in my room, and I had one of those painted Indian glass fish. I doubt those are even around anymore, but as a kid I had a few and liked them. The fish started swimming in circles one day. His body became permanently curved in a semicircle shape. Then, you know... he didn't make it. I remember being so sad. To this day, I don't know what would cause the swimming in circles illness. But hey. I still love fish tanks and I have learned so much along the way through Aquarium Co Op and the magic of the internet.

So, 11 tanks now!  Incredible! I see you have 3 spare 10 gallon tanks. Why not make one of them a quarantine tank for new fish?  You could observe them for a few to make sure they are healthy before adding them to the community tanks.  That way something like ich won't wipe everybody out.  Another idea for a 10-gallon tank is to do a Walstad method tank.  Lots of videos on YouTube about that.  Basically it's a tank that is as close to nature as possible.  I've never tried to make one, but it's a goal of mine.  

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I'm actually setting up my fish room today so those ten gallons will all be set up. I actually still do have a Indian glass fish he is about 4 years old. They are very hardy fish and he is still kicking in my 29 gallon once I set up the fish room I'll send some pictures of it.


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Just set it fully up! Not gonna put the tanks on there for a week or so. I’m also gonna make the paint look better.


I learned from the best.

I'm probably going to end up making it taller but it's good for right now 

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Mine tank located under a vent so it’s already cold. But I have heard of people putting ice cubes in their Axolotyl tanks to get the water really cold but I don’t know if that would help any. 

I just read up on it and ice cubes may not be the best option.

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