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Re entering the hobby

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28AA5F3F-5089-4699-8200-6A246AE699FF.jpeg.d94072d0a0ae635c5f31978104e1627d.jpeg9C271DE8-A417-4E23-B2B5-58EA9CE2174E.jpeg.c7c0d4300427c0a9f20777e3d92c12c5.jpegGood morning everyone.

Fred Rogers has been a significant influence in my life.  My mother called me in to the livingroom in 1968 to sit down together and watch the very first national broadcast of Misterogers. She told me it was a new tv program specially designed for children my age.  I was 2 at the time.

When Mister Rogers got a fish tank in his TV house, I was smitten.  I got a 10 gallon Metaframe tank for my birthday that year.

l kept fish until I went to college and restarted an aquarium when my son was young and watching Mister Rogers Neighborhood.

My children grew up, lost interest and life was busy so the tank was taken down and put in storage.

Now my little ones have little ones, both 3 years old and they like watching Mister Rogers with their “Pepere” (French Canadian for Grandpa).

Pepere decided to set up a tank in his apartment so they can feed the fishies when they visit.

I have learned an awful lot on various youtube channels.

Aquarium Co Op videos head the list of trusted sources.

Girl Talks Fish,

Primetime Aquatics,



All provided food for thought and inspiration.

I have set up a 29 gallon display tank and 2 10 gallon tanks for quarantining stock before setting them in the display tank. Once the display tank is fully stocked, one ten gallon will have additional fish and the other one will be empty ready to be used as a treatment tank.

Thought I would provide an introduction before posting a question in another heading.

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Thank you for the kind comments and warm welcomes.

Here is a current via of my 2nd quarantine tank.  I ended up transferring fish into it yesterday as ammonia hit 1 ppm in bare bottom quarantine tank after dosing with quarantine trio 4 days prior.


Yes, that is a lot of gravel, more than I would have used normally.  Originally my plans for this tank was as a second quarantine as I was stocking the main display tank over a few months and then to have it as a dedicated Red Cherry Shrimp breeding tank, and culling the less colorful offspring to the main display tank to work as clean up crew.  Then I found out Red Cherry Shrimp as well as all shrimp, crayfish and snails are banned in Maine.   Quite the pity…

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