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Plants VS. Ziss Bubble Bio Moving Bed Filter

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They do different things. Plants will absorb the waste nutrients as “food”, whereas the Ziss filter houses beneficial bacteria that converts ammonia and nitrite to nitrate, which the plants then absorb. If you already have the Ziss filter, I would suggest maybe using both (you can even grow tall plants in front of the filter to hide it). A more popular option would be to use a sponge filter in conjunction with live plants

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I have 3-4 ziss filters, I also very much enjoy plants.  If you're on a budget or something, the ziss is a nice luxury to add to a tank.  I would just as quickly recommend PSO for a tank, Bacopa Caroliniana, or anubias if you have a light that can handle it over the ziss.  If you have an airstone in the tank, for me it makes sense to sub that out for a ziss, as I said, a luxury purchase but not required.  If you want to grab 2-3 plants and some easy green, if you have the light, I think that's the better path. 

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