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Drip water change setup question


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I just installed a line for doing drip auto water changes into a short rack of tanks.

Because I'm familiar with the DripWorks stuff for gardening, I ran a line above the tanks and tapped in some drippers. I'm realizing now, this isn't the world's best solution for my application. Where the driplines tap into the mainline isn't the tightest fit and each line occasionally drips at its tap point a teeeeeeny tiny bit. Nothing dramatic, but a drip nonetheless.

So, the question . . . for those who've set up similar systems, how do you do it? 1/4 RO tubing and john guest fittings? Something something else? 

I only have a short run of the drip system above the tanks, so plumbing up an alternative solution wouldn't be that time consuming.

 Just looking for the advice and experience of other's who've successfully done this.

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Thanks for the response.

You know after I set this up last night I kicked myself for not thinking to do what you're suggesting, as it would have been easier and a tad cheaper, especially considering I have a bunch of RO tube fittings already on hand. 

Thanks for reinforcing (in a positive way) my 'Doh!', head-slap moment!

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