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75G Oscar playground!

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It’s common knowledge you can’t travel faster than the speed of light, but if you could reach the speed of a snails pace would time actually slow down?


I rearranged this 75G tank last night. I removed all the fake plants and trying live plants instead. On the right I have vallisneria in a small-ish pot with holes on the bottom so roots can grow through when needed. In the pot I have a small layer of pea rock, then 1/2-ish of Fluval stratum. I then placed the val roots in the soil added some more soil to cover most of the roots. Then a mix of crushed coral, pea , sand, then a few larger stones to help to sturdy plants. Pot is mounted on some egg crate to sturdy for the large stones.

on the left I have entire top where glass top would be covered in egg crate for 10 plants of lucky bamboo. I have them propped and braced with skewers.3B414804-22BA-41BB-AFA6-B6199439E125.jpeg.7308c89fe6b75ea1a37399457e4014b9.jpeg

So far the Oscar is just playing and squeezing around the bamboo, hopefully until it reaches the substrate he will be gentle with it. 🤞 









so graceful, one of the traits I love about Oscars then Faster than a lighting bolt can be across the tank. 

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