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Watching Dean videos gave me the outdoor pond bug!!


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On 6/4/2022 at 7:02 AM, PineSong said:

LOL, you asked for it.The water has been between 80 and 90 all week. So far, all fish seem fine although something got into the pond one night and knocked the pot of creeping jenny and red tiger lily off the bricks it was sitting on. I made a DIY umbrella stand so the fish can have some shade. Neither of the Lowe's water lilies is showing any sign of growth that I can see 😞


Just a taste of my garden oasis 80282C5E-867A-4BD6-805E-AC3DD1D9E290.jpeg.fc6f77650829077b7dfe8ea76766b586.jpeg47D1C765-7BA5-49DA-8BF8-32BF25BDDEE8.jpeg.92bba3e058c823e4352498f2d3328403.jpeg43C8B546-7B98-418F-9408-CEECA8A947AB.jpeg.4970cc99fcd23272e0dcccc3e2668b76.jpeg




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Thank you all who posted kind words about my Program or book. When I started tubbin my fish 25 years ago, and began "evangelizing", it was not nearly as common as today. Best of luck to you all. 


FYI the 3rd edition-Revised of my book was published this SPring: https://www.amazon.com/Tub-Pond-Handbook-Comprehensive-Container/dp/B091W9WLDP

keep on tubbin' and feed those waterlilies!

- Dr. TedMay be an image of flower and body of water

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