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Adding corys


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I currently have a 29 gal guppy tank. Roughly about 18 full grown guppy's and a fry of them as well. I was thinking of adding a group of Cory cats to my tank. I have 4 snails as well. It's a planted aquarium. I know theres alot of factors to consider before adding them. It's been set up for 4 months now. I have t had an issue with ammonia or nitrites so far. Do you think it would be way overstocked if I added a group of the Cory's.? If I did what would be a good choice to go with and how many?


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On 5/27/2022 at 9:49 PM, lefty o said:

6 pygmy's wouldnt. six pandas may push up the amount of maintenance. stocked/overstocked=how much maintenance do you want to do. 

Right now I usually do about a 40-50 percent water change a week

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