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ceratopteris cornuta for sale?

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Hi @Old Fish Keeper

LOL, you must be an old fishkeeper like me - you don't see C. cornuta (Broadleaf Watersprite) very often anymore in stores or even at our local aquarium club.  I grow both the C. cornuta and C. thalictroides.  I'm not sure that selling plants on the forums is allowed. 

I don't keep a lot but will send you a couple of plants free if you will pay the USPS Priority Mail cost.  PM me if interested. -Roy


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Thanks for the great response!  I just sent you a PM and yes, I am an old fishkeeper.  I started raising guppies in 1957 and loved the ceratopteris cornuta for the protection it offers to the fry.  I am just getting back into line breeding fancy guppies and can't seem to find any of these plants in stock.  Although I love planted tanks, I find my breeding tanks are easier to maintain with floating plants.  Thanks again, Jim.

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