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My favorite fish, shhhhh

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My fav fish is Mr Big Fish, "Mr Big" for short.

He eats from my hand, swims fast over to me when i pop in view, (comes when i call and tap if he was cave napping) and we play roll the marble back and forth to each other. He swims into the palm of my hand when I am gravel vacuuming. We love each other. He has two blue marbles, and sometimes we play until my hands are crinkly. He  used to swim around a lot more but when his lady friend decided a few years ago that she was going to be bossy and not so very nice to him, he spends most of his time in one of his caves now. I even bought a kiddy pool and a pond fountain and I thought I would put her in it out on the screened in Lanai. But just as soon as I decided I may do that, she suddenly started behaving a bit more like him towards me. Now she eats out of my hand occasionally and comes out to say hello to me. Amazing because I have had her for years and she just did not give a hoot about me. She Likes music maybe that is what started it. I play music next to the tank sometimes and she likes to come out and " sit " where the speaker is. 

Do you have a fav fish? I do love  all of my fish , but Mr. Big is my number one son 🙂




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