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New To Me Shrimp Behavior

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Hello all. Ever since I put my Neos in my tank they have been hiding under the sponge filter, and inside some hidey holes I have. Today I put in the first Indian Almond leaf they have experienced in my tank. it hasn't sunk yet, I had to wedge it under the shrimp hide to keep it under the water, then I went out with the family. When I came back the shrimp all had the zoomies. Not in a bad way I think. They just seemed like they were all playing tag in the tank. Going from not seeing any shrimp ever to them swimming all over the place. Is that normal? The tannins? Maybe some other chemical that I don't know about. They weren't all over the leaf just one or two of them out of the 7-8 shrimp I have. 

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Tannins definitely could benefit them to be a bit more relaxed.  Usually shadows might spook them and they will dart off.  Otos do this a lot too.

Usually they get really active like that when the lights start to go out.  During the day, mine tend to just chill on hardscape and eat all day long.  At night, they are at a party or something and running all over the tank.

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On 5/25/2022 at 10:39 PM, dangerflower said:

Maybe they liked the tannins and it got them feeling feisty? 

Yep, hormones in the water, they are trying to get somewhere in a hurry.  Could be a variety of reasons, but it's definitely "normal".  When they get in that mood, they tend to jump, so just keep an eye on small holes in the lid and make sure they don't go too far.

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