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Guppy Fun or Guppy Danger?

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After two days of rain I was sitting outside today enjoying my summer tubbing pond when I noticed my guppies repeatedly riding the current from my airstone as it pushes water across the bale of barley straw. The same guppy did this over and over as I sat there, so I can only imagine that he likes it? Some of them were smacked onto the side of pond above the waterline, and some of them were beached on the barley straw and had to flip themselves off. But each time, they went right back to surf the current. The swordtails and white clouds showed no interest at all. You can see guppies being flung at the 7 second, 1:07 and 1:26 (super fast) marks. I'm not sure whether I should leave this for their amusement or remove it so they don't give themselves concussions.


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