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Newish fish nerd from Eugene, OR

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Hi everyone!

I’ve been in the fish game for about 9 months and I’m loving it. I can’t get enough of learning about different fish or potential tank ideas, but I’m trying to exercise restraint and slowly expand my hobby. I’m about to get a second tank set up and I’m definitely going to be asking for ideas on here in case anybody wants to live vicariously!

As of right now I have a 16 gallon long with white clouds, cardinal tetras, and formerly shrimp (mysterious die-off of shrimp has been the only major bummer so far, it was my actual first post on the forum and still haven’t gotten to the bottom of it). 

I have two sons age 2 and 4 who love to help me with the tank. I just joined my local aquarist society and the co-op, and you better believe I never miss an opportunity to visit a local fish store.

Really appreciate the community and learning from you all! Be well. 


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