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The math behind water changes


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Rotala butterfly has a nutrient accumulation calculator. An easy way to find max accumulation is to find out how much whatever nutrient increases each week and divide by the amount of water you change as a percentage/decimal. For example, if your nitrates increase 10 ppm per week in a 50 gallon tank and you change 25 gallons per week (a 50% water change) your max accumulation is 10/.5= 20 ppm.

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On 5/22/2022 at 2:16 PM, Scapexghost said:

They should make an app that can determine the exact ppm based on the rgb of a picture of the test tube. Most of the time i just think "orangish good, redish bad"

They have one for strips. Specific strips you have to buy but the tech does exist for the hobby. 🙂

Meanwhile..... I can't tell. Ever. LOL. But I'm happy with either one so.


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