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Accidental panda cories!


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I accidentally made panda cory babies! I also accidentally grew them up, too. I had my four panda corys in my quarantine tank while treating them for their barbels rotting. When that was done I moved them and a week or so later I put two new guppies into quarantine. Those guppies stayed in there at least a month. Then a few days after moving them, I saw two little cory babies! They’d been living this whole time in that tank somehow!

They were so tiny, but I started feeding them and now I’ve added them to the main tank. They’re following the adults around now 😍





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recently had the same thing happen but there was a lot more. I have breeding tank with angels, panda cories just one pair and a pair of L-333 plecos. I don’t have the tank  divided but I have a wall in the middle of moss. It goes up about half way. The angels go past it when they dont have eggs or fry. I rarely saw the panda cories and wonder if the were still in there. I had to move the tank to a new stand so I removed the fish and most of the water and I started to remove the Mossi reached my hand in and then a sharp pain. I dropped the moss and there was what looked like a med sized panda Cory stuck in my hand. The dorsal fin was in my had all the way to the back of the fish. I thought I killed it. I went slower though the rest of the moss and found over 50 panda cories over what looked like 3 generations. So I put the parents back after I moved to the tank and am hoping for the best. I though I would try with my Sterbais  and so far no luck. Did your quarantine tank have lots of cover I thought I saw some plants in it. Oh and try not to get stuck by the fins. Good luck and I hope you get more fry

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