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Scored a free tank with all supplies!!

Aqua junky

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A Co-worker said hey buddy aren't you one of those fish geeks?? I said with absolute pride Yessir I sure am lol He had a buddy who had a Marineland cylinder type 30 Gallon tank he wanted to get rid of with all supplies and fish included for free! I thought SCORE!! Well once I got there I figured out why they wanted the tank gone pretty quickly.  The Topfin CF60 canister filter they had on the tank had quit so the way overstocked aquarium housing 3 Oscar's and 3 Convicts were basking in Amonia filled water  and not only that they unplugged the heater and seeing how its October here in the midwest it's been getting cold outside. So I get the water drained down and I would normally try to accumulate them before throwing them Into my cooler turned into an aerated portable tank,  but with the shape of these poor fellas they got thrown right in.  I get them home and instantly going to work on setting up the biggest extra tank I have available which is a 75 gallon. After 2 days believe it or not they are all still kicking and seem extremely happy to have a bigger tank.  One of the Oscar's lower jaw has broke in the past and healed all sideways.  These poor fellas have been through hell and back.   I've got a new 150G I've been working on getting it finished and set up and I'm going to make it these guys new forever home  cause God knows they deserve it.  Rant over lol Have a great day and keep it fishy friends!!

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