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What might this be?


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I think it’s a parasite. It looks like there are some little points when I zoomed in on the top fish and about the bottom back of the jaw there is some things that look similar to a wor lm inget with my angels ever few years. After I medicate mine most of the time if yo just sits next watching for 5/10 mins you can see the worm come out from the scales. If I can fine pice I’ll post the I’ll have to tell you what meds I used because it happened pretty fast it was just the angels and gouramithat si could see them swim out of




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Alright, this is the same fish.  And it is still alive.  It's hard to make out in the pictures, but any ideas what this might be?  I noticed another on of those zit looking things about a week ago and today they're gone, but it looks almost like something took a bite out of him or his scales are falling off?  No other fish in the tank have it.  This is the first I have noticed him being a little slower.  Don't know if he ate.  




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