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what is this white stick/dot on corydras face?


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One of the 6 has white stick? (I cannot tell if it is dot or stick but feel like tiny bit raised bump ) on front ,right above the nose hole. Looking at the other ones,since the rest do not have one, it might be something to worry about?
What is this? Is this like protein bump or something I heard of? Or is this illness?He got only this spot only.
If it were something that require med,what do I need to use and would that be best to treat full tank with hillstream loach, shrimp, snail, rest of the panda cory or I can isolate him in quarantine tank and just treat him? Currently, I have pulled him out from the tank.
He eats fine and not like hiding away from rest of the group. Does not act like sluggish.
The spot is not fuzzy. Solid white.
Thank you.


Tank:Ammonia 0 Nitrite 0 Nitrate 5 PH 7.4   unheated tank.

cory with white dot.jpg

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I cannot see it great but it looks like mine when they accidentally get over rambunctious and lose a scale. I just keep an eye on mine it usually heals up.  If it’s raised it may not be a missing scale but an injury. If it does not grow it should heal on its own. 

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