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How to use Hydrocotyle Japan

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I see this stuff in MD Fish Tanks' videos and it looks so cool. I picked some up from the CoOp the other day to put in my 6.5 bookshelf, and it just kind of looks like a mess. The new leaves are starting to grow, and the plant looks healthy, just not sure how to plant it so it looks it's best.

It's kind of straggly, so maybe it looks best mixed with something else?

How do you guys plant it? What's it with? Do you have any pics for inspiration?

Right now in the tank with the Hydrocotyle, I've got some Water Sprite, some kind of Rotala (indica?), a big bush of Java Moss, and some Mayaca Fluviatilis.

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It's versatile. Just tuck it in wherever it looks good to you. I particularly like it mixed in with a carpet or next to rocks. 
One thing I discovered is that it's definitely a medium or high light plant. I had a nice clump growing in my 75 gal under Nicrew lights and it slowly faded away. I think if it were under brighter light or closer to the cheap light it would have survived. 

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