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New Goldfish Tank ☺️

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I’m so glad I found AC! I’ve been planning to add goldfish to my small pond for several months. Started getting pump, heater, thermometer, filtration, etc. and realized because the water volume is only 70 gal., the temperature swings are going to need to be controlled before my fish will be happy there. So I bought a 40 gallon breeder, cycled it, and 2 baby Orandas and 2 baby Ranchus arrived today! (I know the tank is too small for all four fish and will be transitioning them outdoors when the temperature issue is sorted.)

Meantime, I wanted to share my gratitude for the hours of videos, blog posts and knowledge I’ve gained from lurking on the forum and the site. I’m really excited about getting back into the hobby after many years. The fish all seem healthy and settling in really well. Fingers crossed it stays that way! Any advice is appreciated and welcomed.

Here are pictures of the little cuties!




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So far so good, day 2... I am having a problem interpreting the Ammonia reading results on my API Master Freshwater test kit. There must be some amount of Ammonia because I'm having difficulty discerning whether it's pure yellow or the merest tinge of light green. Hopefully I'm just neurotic.😱  Would an increase from 0 to < .25 ppm constitute a spike?


I'm resisting the temptation to feed them as much as they are begging me to do... this morning Duckweed was on the menu, along with a scant amount of tank-water soaked Hikari pellets.  I will say, the Orandas seem far smarter than the Ranchus... 

Here are some more pics.



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I was being neurotic! Tested the tap water & compared this morning’s ammonia reading & the colors are indistinguishable. 😅

Everybody is still doing great & seemingly shaking off the transport stress. These little guys are a joy!EAA9135C-D7F7-47A9-ACD8-93360B6A4A68.jpeg.2ac4eaa3a724a03e9be2ad8b264c73c7.jpeg

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