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Water Parameter issues with supplements.


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To preface this post I use tap well water for my fish. Hello. New to the forum, slightly new to the hobby. I have had the aquarium for a couple of months, and mostly all of the parameters are within normal range. After research I found out that shrimp need more KH than what my normal water had. So I bought Shrimp Mineral GH/KH+. I keep a log of the water parameters on a weekly basis. I know mollies can handle a wider range than my shrimp, so I focus on the shrimps parameters instead of mollies. For anyone that knows how to fix the problem I'm going to state, but doesn't know much about neocaridina shrimps water needs here are the requirements. (GH4-8, KH~6, PH6.5-8, Ammonia0, Nitrite0, Nitrate0) Here are my latest numbers. GH18, KH5, PH6.8-7, Ammonia0, Nitrite0, Nitrate0. As you can see my GH is through the roof. I am equating this to the GH/KH+. I have tested my regular tap water and the GH is <1. So I have very soft water. The KH of my tap water is 2. I have to add 2.5 scoops of the shrimp mineral just to get to 5 KH. So my questions is this. How can I lower my GH to be within 4-8, without lowering my KH which is barely meeting minimum as it is? I do have other chemicals I add less frequently like API stress coat+, ammo lock, quick start, and Aqueon Shrimp Essentials) Thank you for your time and attention. 

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