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Water Softener with a Sponge Filter

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Hey y'all!

I'm very new to aquatics and, after I learned the hard way about cycling, my new obstacle is ridiculously hard water. My LFS says he won't replace my LF Danios until I get my water parameters under control. The Danio tank isn't so much a problem because I have one of those inside-the-tank-suctioned-to-the-back basket type filters, so I can put a softener pillow right inside it. 24 hrs and I am shocked at the difference.

Now for the problem: the tank I am currently cycling for my daughter has sponge filters (want to keep a Betta in it) so I have absolutely no idea where to put the pillow. The directions say to put it in the filter, but inside of the filter is tiiiiny. 

I really really don't want to do the "pinch of aquarium salt and test rinse and repeat" method unless I have no other choice.


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Lets start with the basics, what type of danios were you trying to keep, and what were your water parameters? A longfin zebra danio, can tolerate a huge range of parameters.

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I think you are worrying too much. High hardness in not a problem unless you are breeding some fish, but low hardness like using RO water certainly is. 

It's good to see your pH is down a bit, it was getting a bit high. 


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