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Hello, I am experiencing green water in my tank for the first time in many many years. Its a planted tank and had been running just fine for a long time. The green water started like 2 weeks ago after a period of medicating and gravel vac-ing (something I usually never do), so I feel like the cause of this is not an excess of nutrients since I was feeding very lightly or not at all. So no feeding for a week until today and the 2 weeks before that the feeding was very light compared to the usual. 
Clearly there is some imbalance causing this, but what I'm wondering is, if I go back to treating everything in the usual way regarding feeding and cleaning, shouldn't the balance re-establish slowly? 
Or any other suggestions? Keep in mind I am not in a hurry at all to get rid of this green water, I just want the end result to be clear water and would like to achieve it in the most natural way possible. 

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