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Heavily Planted (vs.) Moderately Planted (vs.) Lightly Planted

Preston John

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19 hours ago, Jack.of.all.aquariums said:
I agree with you lightly planted. Your medium is on the boarder of heavy in my opinion.
My heavily planted tank.


I guess I chose “moderately” on that one because most of the plants are slow growing and don’t create very many line of sight breaks. But that’s the conversation I think would be great to have. 

BTW... your tank is amazing! 

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This is an interesting topic. I would like to introduce a different thought though. Maybe the designation of heavy or light is not so much about the amount of plants but the nutrients required to keep them happy.

For example you could have a tank filled to the brim with Anubias and Java Fern but that would still be moderate compared to a fully carpeted tank full of fast growing stem plants

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I like this idea but I'm not sure it works perfectly since dosing strategies vary wildly. My tank is obviously loaded to the brim with plants both fast growing and slow growing. If I was to dose following the EI method I would be putting in nearly 15x the amount that I actually do. I guess it's sort of like the inch per gallon thing. Yeah it gets you pretty close to doing things right (10 neons in a 10 gallon is reasonable) but get wacky in some cases (one 10 inch fish in a 10 gallon is not reasonable)

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